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The Aracuan Bird, also called the Clown of the Jungle, first appeared in the feature film The Three Caballeros (1944); though, despite his apparent on-screen popularity, strangely he did not appear in the comic book adaptation of that film. During the segment "Aves Raras"(or "rare birds"), Donald is watching a film about South American birds when the film's narrator introduces the Aracuan as "one of the most eccentric birds you have ever seen". The Aracuan proceeds to walk right out of the film along the projectors' light beam and into Donald's life. This crazy bird drives Donald nuts not only in this film, but again in the cartoon short "Clown of the Jungle" (1947), and then once more in the feature film Melody Time segment called "Blame it on the Samba" (1948) where he attempts to cheer up the "blue" (literally) Donald Duck and José Carioca. Like Panchito Pistoles and José Carioca, the Aracuan Bird is primarily known only from these three films in the USA. However, he has found some success in comics from Brazil where he is known as Folião. More recently the Aracuan Bird has appeared in Mickey Mouse Works and Disney's House of Mouse. He causes hilarious practical jokes and dons various disguises (including posing as Donald Duck). Often Donald is shown trying to take a photo of the bird, with it evading his efforts. In Norway & Sweden the cartoon"Clown of the Jungle" is shown as part of the From All of Us to All of You Disney Christmas special shown on television every Christmas Eve at 3 pm, although the Swedish censorship edits out the part where Donald attacks the Aracuan with a machine gun.

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