John frusciante dc ep album cover

DC EP is an EP by John Frusciante, released on September 14, 2004 on Record Collection. Produced by Ian Mackaye, of Fugazi, the EP is the third recording in a series of six, released from June 2004 to February 2005, by Frusciante.

According to Frusciante: "These songs were written while I was on tour for By the Way. I was listening to the Velvet Underground a lot. It's only four songs and fifteen minutes long. I'm used to producing my records myself, and when I left that in the hands of Fugazi's Ian MacKaye, using equipment that wasn't mine, playing instruments that weren't mine, everything was different." The guitar tracks that appear were recorded with one of Guy Picciotto's Marshall JCM 800 amplifiers, the same featured on the artwork for the Fugazi album,Red Medicine. For the guitar solo on "Dissolve," Frusciante also used Picciotto's Les Paul Junior.

On the vinyl release of the EP, the words "And then the past" were inscribed on side A, and "I never see you" on side B, referring to Frusciante's forthcoming album, Curtains.

The title DC EP reminds the place where it was recorded, Washington DC.

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