Daxter is a platform game developed by Ready at Dawn. It was bundled with a limited edition PSP Slim & Lite. As part of the Jak and Daxter series of games, Daxter is a midquel, taking place within the two-year time-span at the beginning of Jak II. It is aplatform game starring Daxter, a creature known as an "ottsel"(a fictional hybrid of otter and weasel).

As of June 11, 2008, the game has sold 2.3 million copies, and received very positive reviews from game critics.[1]

The game takes place in the final months of the two-year gap presented in the opening of Jak II, between the moment when Jak is taken prisoner by the Krimzon Guard and the time in which Daxter finally rescues him from the Krimzon Guard Fortress. The introduction shows Jak being captured, while Daxter manages to escape. Almost two years later (having no luck of rescuing Jak), Daxter has forgotten all about rescuing his friend. An old man named Osmo, whom Daxter meets, hires Daxter as an exterminator. These missions are in an open world where Daxter has to go to various locations and exterminate bugs. There are 2 hive queens which are difficult to kill and can, unfortunately, trample Daxter or kill him with their unique attacks. In the end, he faces Kaeden and defeats him.

After some missions, Daxter finds his friend Jak in a Prison Zoomer and proceeds to chase after it. He is then cornered by Krimzon Guards, but is rescued by Osmo's son, Ximon. He then goes to Baron Praxis's palace and steals a map of the prison where Jak is being held. When returning to the extermination shop, an arthropod sidekick that Daxter acquired earlier is killed by Kaeden, a bitter man who seemingly wants to steal Osmo's shop, but, in actuality, is working for an evil mastermind.

When Daxter tries to stop Kaeden from escaping the shop, Kaeden suddenly blows up the shop with a bomb he placed in the shop earlier. Daxter and Osmo survive, and Daxter promises to stop Kaeden, but only after he rescues Jak. Daxter finds Kaeden, who reveals himself to be a giant insect, but is then defeated by Daxter. He infiltrates The Prison, and rescues Jak. The whole game reveals to be a true story which Daxter told Jak, and his friends, at the bar.

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