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Fethry Duck was created for the Disney Studio Program by Dick Kinney and Al Hubbard and was first used in the story "The Health Nut", published on August 2, 1964. Kinney and Hubbard developed this character to be a beatnik (meaning "a person who rejects or avoids conventional behavior") member of the Duck Family. It's curious that Fethry usually appears wearing different colors of the same blouse depending on what country is publishing his stories. In Brazil, his blouse is generally yellow ; in the Italian comics, he usually wears a red one ; and, in the comic books of Egmont Publishing, the traditional color of his blouse is pink. According to a version of Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree, Fethry is the son of Eider Duck and Lulubelle Loon, the cousin of Donald Duck, and has a brother named Abner Duck. However, since Fethry was not a Carl Barks character, and had never been used in any Barks stories, Rosa does not consider Fethry part of the Duck family. Be that as it may, due to editorial pressure stemming from the character's popularity in Europe, Rosa included him in the tree anyway—reluctantly, and only in select variations.[4]

The early Fethry comics were created for the Disney Studio Program for publication outside of the United States. An exception to this are three stories with Fethry drawn by Tony Strobl that appeared in Gold Key Comics published in 1966 (Donald Duck #105 and #106 plus Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #304). Also some of the Fethry Studio Program stories were reprinted in the Wonderful World of Disney giveaway magazine published in 1969-1970 for Gulf Oil. Since the mid-1970s, Fethry has mostly appeared in European- and Brazilian-produced stories, including he had his own comic book title in Brazil during the 1980s, which lasted 56 issues.

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