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Flintheart Glomgold is a fictional character in Disney comic books. Glomgold is one of Scrooge McDuck's main rivals, and also holds the title of being The Second Richest Duck in the World. His appearance is similar to that of Scrooge, and he is sometimes characterized as being of Scottish descent as well (speaking with a Scottish burr in most animated features, though he is generally accepted as being fromSouth Africa in the continuity of the comic books), but he is drawn with a full beard and sideburns as opposed to simple side-whiskers, and a dark tam o'shanter with a red pom pom and black coat instead of Scrooge's red one. It can be assumed that he actually is of Scottish descent as it was stated that both he and Scrooge are distantly related to Bogey McDivot in John Lustig and Vicar's comic book story "Family of Fore."

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