From the sounds inside album cover

From the Sounds Inside is a digital-only album by John Frusciante, released exclusively through the internet in 2001. The album was free to download from his official website and includes material recorded during the To Record Only Water for Ten Days era of his solo career, most of which remained unmixed or unfinished. No track titles were given originally, which has given rise to songs appearing under different names in different sources. The album was named by fans through a contest in 2001. The album's title was a result of a voting among fans, where it won with 36%. Two other titles, "2001 Internet Album" and "Live Above Hell" received 35% and 29% of votes.

Apart from the album To Record Only Water for Ten Days, several of the tracks have also appeared commercially on the Going Inside EP (2001) and the soundtrack album to the film The Brown Bunny (2004).

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