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Hard Haid Moe is a hillbilly and unlike most other characters in the Donald Duck universe indubitably a human being. Moe was created by Dick Kinneyand Al Hubbard. His first appearance was in the story It's music (1964).[6] In the 1960s and 1970s, he was frequently used in Disney Studios comics, usually as a supporting character for Fethry Duck, one of very few townspeople ever befriended by Moe. But his relation with Fethry isn't exactly friendly. However, Moe would eventually disappear from North American and European stories, but became popular in Brazil, where he even had his own title (Urtigão) from 1987 to 1994. In Italy, where he's called "Dinamite Bla", his appearances has become more frequent during the 2000s and he has gained a small Italian figurine.

Hard Haid Moe lives somewhere on Calisota's countryside with his rather flabby dog, Houn' Dawg. Moe is often seen carrying a shotgun. Brazilian cartoonists created a permanent female character for Moe's stories, a funny maid called Firmina, who was hired by Moe in the classic Brazilian story "Uma Intrusa Especiar" (free translation: "An Unusual Newcomer"), and because of her strong and daring personality she's often arguing with Moe, who in turn has a very hard temperament. She became a kind of non-official girlfriend of Moe, including she almost married him.

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