Killzone: Liberation is a third-person action game for the PlayStation Portable, developed by Guerrilla Games, and is the sequel to the 2004 first-person shooter Killzone. Killzone: Liberation was released on October 31, 2006 in North America, November 3, 2006 in Europe and November 8, 2006 in Australia. The game chronologically continues two months after where the first game ended. Killzone: Liberation should not be confused with Killzone 2 for the PlayStation 3, the next edition to the Killzone series. Killzone: Liberation is presented as a third-person shooter game, where its home console counterparts are presented as a first-person shooter. It is currently the only PSP installment in the series.

There are five chapters with 4 levels in which players eliminate the Helghast resistance (The fifth and final chapter was made available to download).In Killzone: Liberation, two months after the events of Killzone, the Helghast have been dealt a hefty blow from the last game, but the war is far from over. The enemy still controls large parts of the planet Vekta, and though the ISA armies are fighting hard, they are losing ground. The rules of war have been cast aside with the sadistic Helghast General Armin Metrac, employed by the Helghast Emperor Scolar Visari to use brutal measures in order to seize the initiative after their past defeat and strengthen his position further. Metrac and his right hand man, Colonel Cobar, are planning to capture three key figures of ISA, and their plan ends up successful.Returning as Jan Templar, players are sent on a covert operation to save hostages captured by Metrac, while ISA troops continue the fight for liberty. Rico Velasquez, Jan's friend on the battlefield, often assists him on his way through the enemy lines. Shadow Marshall Luger, another of Jan's partners, also helps him.As Metrac captures ISA Minister of War Heff Milcher, scientist Evelyn Batton, and ISA General Dwight Stratson, Jan is sent on the rescue mission. After a set of military operations, Jan Templar is closely following the trail of hostages and pursues Cobar, who has taken Milcher and Stratson. Milcher is then killed by Cobar, but Jan is nevertheless successful in defeating him, even though Cobar was piloting a personal walking tank. Cobar reveals that there is a traitor in ISA command who is helping the Helghast, but is finished off by Dwight Stratson before he can say who the traitor is.The next step for Jan Templar is to assault Armin Metrac's mountain fortress and rescue Evelyn Batton. Shadow Marshal Luger, Templar's longtime partner, aids him on the mission. There, he fights many of Helghan elite warriors (including a giant cybernetic unit) before encountering and killing Metrac in a final showdown.Afterwards, Templar locates Evelyn and escapes with her just before the fortress is destroyed.The game's outro marks the beginning of Killzone 2, as we hear Scolar Visari speaking of nuclear weapons which he intends to use on ISA forces.

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