Mario Party Advance Box

Mario Party Advance (マリオパーティ アドバンスMario Pāti Adobansu?) is a game in the Mario Party series and the first, and only, Mario Party title for the Game Boy Advance, released by Nintendo. As it is not a Nintendo 64 or GameCube game, gameplay is different from that of the previous Mario Party games. The multiplayer Party Mode that was present in all of the other Mario Party games is no longer available. It has been replaced by a new mode called "Shroom City". The aim of the game is to collect all the minigames and Gaddgets that were scattered around Shroom City by Bowser by completing quests assigned to the player by the various inhabitants of Shroom City. This is the tenth Mario game for the Game Boy Advance. Mario Party Advance is followed by Mario Party 7.

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