Moville mysteries 2002/2003

Moville Mysteries is a Canadian animated TV series *created by Guy Vasilovich*

starring Frankie Muniz as Mosley Moville. The plot is about mosley (Mo) moville and his friends mimi valentine Tommy hitchcock and billy boon stumbling into peculiar supernatural mysteries that have occasionally twist endings. The show was on YTV in Canada and Jetix in Latin America and Europe. It was originally an Oh Yeah! Cartoon on Nickelodeon, making it the only short to not be adapted into a series by Nickelodeon.

but it did got aired on The N on October 19, 2002.

The series Never aired in the USA

Moville mysteries Raiders of the lost Jockstrap-007:17

Moville mysteries Raiders of the lost Jockstrap-0


Raiders of the lost jockstrap part 206:06

Raiders of the lost jockstrap part 2


Raiders of the lost jockstrap09:35

Raiders of the lost jockstrap

The SummeryEdit

Welcome To Ouigee Falls

Set in the out-of-the-ordinary Ouigee Falls, this strange comedic animation television series features Mosley Moville and his friends, who are average children who live in a bizarre and severely twisted town. "Mo" as he is nicknamed, is a short, spunky, and a curious kid who knows what's cool and what's not. Nothing seems to scare him, as he is interested into strange and wild things. Hitch, a friend of Mo's, is not that intelligent, but he is great a telling jokes, and making others laugh, while Mimi is the one who backs up and gives reasonable ideas and not get into much trouble. With this gang of eccentric kids, they battle out weirdness in their town

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Characters Edit

Mosley Muldoon Moville

Mosley Muldoon Moville Edit

new to Ouigee falls? then you better make friends with with Mosley (Mo) Moville. descendant of some of the towns earliest residents , he definitely knows his way around. more than that though, he has uncover most of the spookiest secrets of the town. and can spot a supernatural occurrence from a mile away. always willing to help a friend. and usually armed with an interesting point of view. Mo is a good person to have on your side... no mater what side of the soil you come from

Mimi Valentine


Mimi Valentine Edit

rational and cautious Mimi is always there to lend a voice of reason. to any situation her Sharpe wip and quick mind are the perfect counter-balance to the natural reactions that come a supernatural encounter. with calmness and her sardonic wit, she faces any challenges head on. when the world is upside down or at least it seems like it. Mimi is a good person to have in your corner 


Tommy Hitchcock

Tommy Hitchcock Edit

looking for a thrill? Then buddy up with hitch. daredevil, skateboarding thrill of the moment. Hitch is always the first one to try something new. even if it gets him into spooky situations. this impulsive fun-loving guy is always up for new adventures. athletic and driven Hitch main goals is to have fun , live a laid back life. and win. It's a good thing he has friends to back him up time after time. or a safety net

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