Nba street showdown

NBA Street Showdown is a basketball game for the PlayStation Portable. It was released on April 27, 2005, and is the fourth game in the NBA Street series and the first to be portable. It features the gameplay elements of NBA Street Vol. 2, but the presentation ofNBA Street V3.The game primarily features minigames, shot blocker and arcade shootout, as well as quick game modes. You can play head to head in all of these through ad-hoc mode. To unlock courts you play King of the Courts where your objective is to beat a local street team in games, then beat them in a challenge. Some of the challenges are playing the team in shot blocker, or playing them in a game with no trick points. You can play with all current NBA teams and previous teams made up of legendary players. The Day called Gamebreaker was act from NBA Street, NBA Street Vol. 2, NBA Street V3 and NBA Street Homecourt.

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