Parallel is a video feature compiling all of R.E.M.'s Automatic for the People and Monster-era promotional videos, as well as several recorded for this release alone. It was released on video on May 30, 1995, and on DVD format on August 22, 2000, both on the Warner Brothers label.The release, which runs at 70 minutes, features promotional videos to all of the band's singles from Automatic for the People and all but one from Monster ("Tongue" had not been released as a single until after this compilation). Also included are several avant-garde clips excerpted from 1995 tour films, ranging from ten seconds to two minutes, playing in between each song, as well as an A–Z of R.E.M. at the end of the feature.There are no bonus features on the DVD; however, there is an optional lyrics subtitle track. Audio on the DVD-5 is PCM Stereo. The DVD was certified "15" in the UK due to nudity in 'Nightswimming'.There were two versions released in the US. The "A Version" cut out the nudity from "Nightswimming," while the "D Version" contained the uncut video. A Parental Advisory warning was placed on the cover of the "D Version."

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