Patapon 2 (パタポン2 ドンチャカ♪?) is a video game by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is a sequel to Patapon.

The game was released in Japan, Europe, and Australia before North America, and in North America it was first available only as a digital download via the PlayStation Store, as a "test case" to gauge the success of digital distribution on the PSP. The game is now available on UMD in all regions.

It hosts a four player ad hoc multiplayer mode. A bundle has been released. It includes a silver PSP-3000 along with a 32GB MemoryStick, and the UMD version of Patapon 2. It was released in stores November 27 in Japan.

The story continues from the previous Patapon game where in the boat the Patapon have constructed has been completed and they have set sail for new lands. On their way there, they are attacked by a kraken who easily defeats them and sends the Patapon into the ocean to be washed ashore in a strange new land where they come up against another tribe called the Karmen. Now it is a battle to defeat the Karmen and find out who is their true enemy. Early in the game, the Patapons discover a mysterious "hero" character, who wears a mask which boosts his abilities. He has lost his memory, and his true identity is hidden.Also they also battle against the Akumapons. Later, the Patapons fight against demons, who were summoned by the Karmen, and the "Dark One", who gave his soul to the demons for power. Gong the Hawkeye and his fellow Zigotons appear once more, to assist the Patapons against the Karmen. During the course of a game, the player learns of a legend, that the world was broken and the Patapons ruined because a Wakapon broke the "World Egg". At the second to last stage, the player finds out that the Hero character was actually the wakapon who broke the egg, and that the Karmen tribe was the Patapon's ancestral enemy. The Patapon Princess was trapped inside an egg by the leader of the Karmens, who plans to make the princess his queen. After defeating the final demon the Karmens summon, the Patapons journey to the end of a bridge, and find and break an egg. Dazzled by the light that emerges from the egg, the Patapons assume they have found Earthend. However, the Patapon Princess emerges from the egg, compliments them on their job well done, and tells the Hero that he has a new task- to restore the world and find the true Earthend. At the end of the game, the Patapons are seen working with the Karmen and Zigotons to build a bridge. You can see the Akumapons in the Bryun snowfield.

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