Pop Screen is a video feature compiling all of R.E.M.'s Document and Green-era promotional videos. It was released on video on July 1, 1991, and on DVD format (region 1 only) on August 22, 2000, both on the Warner Brothers label.The 35-minute release features promotional videos to all of the band's singles and several album-only tracks from Document and Green. It also includes the video for "Talk About The Passion" from Murmur. This particular video was made to promote the compilation Eponymous which was released between Document and Green, and this is the reason for its otherwise anachronistic inclusion.It includes the uncensored version of "Pop Song '89", which has three topless women dancing along with a topless Michael Stipe. In preparation for television airings, MTV asked Stipe, who directed it himself, to censor the three topless women. Instead, Stipe superimposed black bars on the chests of all four dancers, himself included, and stated, "a nipple is a nipple."There are no bonus features on the DVD. Audio on the DVD-5 is PCM Stereo.

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