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TeenNick is an American television network, as the title suggests, for teenagers, owned by the MTV Networks subsidiary of Viacom. The channel was originally known as The N from its April 1, 2002 launch until September 28, 2009.

Sister channel Noggin was relaunched as Nick Jr. at the same time as The N's relaunch as TeenNick; like with Nick Jr., TeenNick's name was taken from a former program block on parent channel Nickelodeon, which aired from 2000 to 2009 (though the program block's name was spelled as "TEENick"). As the channel's name suggests, TeenNick is primarily aimed at the 13-19 year old age demographic, and features a mix of originally-produced, off-network syndicated and Nickelodeon-produced programming.

The channel features a mix of children/teen shows which are aimed at children to early teen, which almost nothing unsuitable for children's viewing, such as iCarly (TV-G shows), which is targeted for middle school age children, and shows aimed at teen/adult, which feature suggestive dialogue (sex references) and language, such as Degrassi (TV-PG/TV-14 shows) and That '70s Show. (TV-14)

2002 Nick Jr. Weekend Marathon commercial break #1

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